Leg press:
Set the angle of the back at 45°. Sit on the machine with your back and head resting comfortably against the padded support. Place your feet on the footplate about hip-width apart while ensuring that your heels are flat. Once your feet are in place, press the footplate with both feet as you simultaneously disengage the safety latches on the side of the seat with your hands. With your feet still on the footplate, bend your knees, letting the footplate come toward your body. Once your knees are at a 90-degree angle, press the footplate up and straighten your legs. Be sure not to lock your knees.
Mistakes and Recommendations:
Do not fully unbend your knees at the top point. Otherwise, the risk of a knee injury increases.
At the lower point, lower the platform as close to yourself as possible, but only until the lower back begins to raise.
Press your head to the sit, it helps to keep your back flat.
Do not bring your knees together or raise your heels. Otherwise, the risk of traumas increases.
Hold on to the handles and control your movements.

 Leg press.