Bent-over row:
Take the initial position – set the required number of plates on one end of the bar. Hold the other end against the corner or ask your partner to hold it with his foot. If there is a special handle, attach it to the bar closer to the plates. If not – grab the bar with two hands near the plates. One wrist should be placed in front, the other stays behind. After the first set, you change your hands. You can also put the fingers of one hand on top. Place the bar between the legs, tilt with a straight back, bending the legs in your knees. Grab the bar as tightly as possible, flex your abs. Lift the core so that the plates are removed from the floor. The movement should be performed due to the back muscles. Bent knees are needed so that you can keep arching your back.
Pull the bar with your back muscles while exhaling, keep the elbows close to the core. Linger for a second at the top, achieving peak muscle contraction. While inhaling, smoothly lower the bar to the initial position, you should feel a stretching of the back muscles. Do not fully unbend your elbows.
Common Mistakes and Recommendations:
To ensure that the exercise is safe and as effective as possible, check the following tips:
Do not start training with too much weight. Make sure that the movement of the bar is carried out due to the work of the muscles of the back, and not with the help of biceps. During training, imagine how the back muscles strain at the top point and how they stretch at the bottom. At the bottom point, do not fully unbend your elbows. The movement should be performed in a tilt, but with a perfectly even back and a natural back curvature. Be careful, wrong position can lead to a serious injury!
In order to take the right position, take the pelvis back, work with your abs and bend the legs in your knees. Keep your elbows as close to your body as possible, so it will be easier to control the movement of your hands. Stick to a certain pace: slowly lower the bar and quickly lift it up. All your movements should have the same amplitude and be smooth. The exercise will be easier if you take plates of smaller diameter. Large plates not only reduce the amplitude of movement, but also do not allow you to grab the bar in a comfortable way. If possible, use small but heavy plates. Bent-over row is an excellent basic exercise for your back muscles!

Bent-over row.