Cable crossovers:
This variation of the exercise is most often performed standing (although you can perform while sitting).
Set the handles at both ends of the pulleys at the highest level. Stand in the centre of the machine with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your torso forwards slightly, keeping your spine neutral and back straight, and bend your elbows slightly as well, with your wrists facing the floor. Keeping your core engaged, pull both handles down and across your body. Squeeze your chest muscles in this fully contracted position (the handles don’t have to be touching). Slowly reverse to the start position, keeping the bend in your elbows throughout.
Workout smoothly, concentrate on your working muscles.
Do not hold your breath. Raise your hands while inhaling, and bring them together while exhaling. Do not take too much weight.
Remember, the main goal of the exercise is maximum muscle contraction and stretching. Do not bend your hands too much and do not press your elbows to the body. Do not hump your back.

Cable crossovers.