Close grip bench press:
Lie flat on the bench using a close grip. Lift the bar with assistance from the rack, arms locked, and holding bar straight over you. Inhale and slowly bring the bar down toward your chest keeping elbows close to your body for the entire exercise. Exhale and push the bar up using the triceps muscles and locking arms at the top of the movement. Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions. Return the bar to the rack upon exercise completion.
Mistakes and Recommendations:
Too much weight. Do not try to do more than you can now; too heavy weight may traumatize you!
Wrong elbow position. The elbows must be pressed against the body and move strictly up and down.
Incline bench. It makes no sense to work at positive angles.
Use of different locks. It is important that the locks on the bar weigh the same.
Improper breathing technique. Stay in tune with your body and breathing during the exercise. Inhale slowly as you lower the bar to your chest, and exhale during the push upward to start position.
Too light weight. The last repetitions should be hard for you, so do not take to light weight. It is OK only for beginners.

Close grip bench press.