Dumbbell Lying Hammer Press:
Lie on the bench, holding the dumbbells in each hand at the hips level. Palms face each other. Move the dumbbells to the shoulder level and keep the neutral grip (palms facing each other). This is your starting position.
Now inhale and take the dumbbells slowly to the sides. Fully control your movements all the time. Exhale and rise the dumbbells up. Fix your hands in this position, hold for a second, then slowly start moving down.
Mistakes and Recommendations:
Moving down should take twice as long as moving up. Perform as many repetitions as the program says. After finishing the exercise, move the dumbbells back to the hips, and then on the floor. This is the safest way to put dumbbells back.
Variations: You can change the angle of the bench if it is adjustable. Another version of the exercise implies the use of the traditional grip (the palms are facing forward).

Dumbbell Lying Hammer Press.