Mid grip lat pulldown:
Take the bar with a mid grip. Slightly arch your back and put the shoulders back. Sit on the bench, lean back, chest out.
Shoulders need to be turned back a little bit. Then pull the bar to the top of the chest. Now you can feel peak muscle contraction. Reverse movement consists in letting the bar back.
Mistakes and recommendations: The exercise is to be performed smoothly, without any pushes. It is important not to work with your biceps, not to raise shoulders and not to pull the bar too much. It is important to move slowly. Athletes think that the wider the grip, the better the back works, but this is not true. You need to choose a comfortable grab, so it should help the muscles to work.
The most common mistake is working with the biceps. This is wrong, you should make sure that your back muscles are working!
Do not pull the bar to the stomach, without back arching. This way you are only working with the biceps!
It is better to avoid too heavy weight – it doesn’t allow your rhomboid muscle and broadest muscle of back to work correctly.
Upper back rounding may lead to an injury, and it does not train the target muscles.

Mid grip lat pulldown.