Lay on the bench with your back, neck, and head fully supported. Place one dumbbell in each hand. Extend your arms over your chest with the palms facing each other. Keep the elbows slightly bent and soft. Keep a strong back and core while you inhale and extend the weights back and over your head. Take about 3–4 seconds to reach a fully extended position where the weights are behind (but not below) your head. Keep the elbows soft. Once you reach full extension, exhale slowly and return your arms to the starting position over your chest. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.
Mistakes and Recommendations:
In order to avoid injuries, do not forget about warming up and do not take too heavy weight. If you are an experienced sportsman and are ready to work with more weight, perform fewer repetitions (5-8) and slightly reduce the amplitude.
If you want to focus on the top of your breast muscles, you can take a small weight and perform the exercise with almost straight arms.
The number of repetitions is 15 or more.
If you perform the exercise at the machine, it is also not recommended to use a heavy weight, focus on the technique. Make sure that there is no jerking.