Seated overhead tricep extension:
Sit on the bench. Hold the dumbbell in one hand, raised vertically up. Take a breath and bend your hand until you feel that your arm is completely extended; lower the dumbbell behind your head, squeezing your tricep and bending your elbows. Return to the initial position, exhale.
Mistakes and Recommendations:
Do not forget to strain your abdominal muscles as much as possible. Keep the right back position, you can use a bench with support.
The exercise is suitable for both beginners and experienced sportsmen. It is better to perform the exercise in the second half of the workout, when your muscles are warmed up.
During the exercise, straighten the arm to the maximum limit, but only if the arm is perpendicular to the floor. The right technique is important, since the exercise may lead to injuries, if you ruin it.
It is important to pay attention how the wrist is fixed. It must be strictly in one position. The hand and forearm should look like a straight line. In some cases, this exercise can be difficult to perform sitting so you can perform it standing.

Seated overhead tricep extension.