Workout plans for a gym. Of course, the gym is the best place to build a perfect body. Beginners, entry-level and middle-level athletes do not need to train in an expensive gym with a huge selection of sports equipment, since there is nothing better for muscle building than free weight exercises; this equipment and several basic exercise machines may be found in any, even the smallest, gym.
If you are a newcomer, the first thing you need to do is to learn the technique of performing the exercises. You can do it yourself using webgym, contact our online coach or a coach in your gym. Do not hesitate – they will help you.
You should not deny the request to spot someone or to help with a piece of advice in the gym – it is not the code. There are also several gym behavior rules that should not be violated:
1) Do not talk to a person, when he prepares for or carries out an exercise,
2) Do not occupy the exercise machine without asking and a bar if someone works with it,
3) Do not step over the bar. It’s bad luck :)