Home workouts. There is an opinion that it is impossible to significantly increase muscles at home, and most often, this is true. The main reason for the low performance of home training is the wrong choice of sports equipment. Most often people use chin-up bars, dip bars, TRX loops or kettle-balls. Such equipment, of course, cannot replace the diverse training that you could get in the most ordinary gym. And, as a result, there is a rapid addiction to the same type of exercises and stagnation.
Of course, not everyone can afford a home gym, but there is still a way out. Let’s have a look at the cheapest option. You will need a sloping bench and two sets of dumbbells - light and heavy. Of course, you can get one heavy set, but this is not very convenient.
This equipment will allow you to progress at home, and our home training programs are meant for it. In addition, the home training complex consists of interchangeable exercises that are used in the gym, and is built on the same principle. It means that if for some reason you did not visit the gym, but you have this equipment, then you just need to choose a home training plan under the same number as you planned to use in the gym.
By the way, there are some advantages in home training. It not only saves time and money, but also allows you to concentrate on the exercise technique better. For example, in the gym, you can often notice beginners using too heavy equipment and, as a result, either violating the technique or constantly cheating.
At home you stay alone with yourself, you do not need to prove anything to anyone and do not need to impress anyone. To perform the exercises correctly, carefully study the animation and recommendations, and be sure to use a mirror in order to control the technique. Do not hurry up, concentrate on working muscles.