Routine and nutrition. To go to the gym, to study the exercises technique, to work out – this is not as difficult as to give up bad habits and to obtain healthy ones. Dreams of a beautiful and strong body often die at this stage. For example, what would you choose – to grab a beer with friends or to go to bed early after a light dinner?
In the first case, if you have such a habit, after some time you will become an owner of a beer belly, then of abdominal obesity, since beer is a source of fast carbs, and fermentation processes will quickly stretch the stomach walls. The biggest fans of this drink will get a special bonus – mastopathy, when female breasts begin to form, since during the decay period this drink produces estrogen, a female hormone. If your goal is to be like a pregnant woman, you're on the right track.
In the second case, you will recover before training and your body will not spend resources to fight against excess food during sleep, and you will successfully shape your body and increase strength. Of course, there is an exception to the rules. For example, ectomorphs with rapid metabolism can consume fast carbs in huge quantities and not gain weight, but, as a rule, ectomorphs experience problems with muscle building. They are the first to need sports food. A protein with a large amount of carbs and casein is suitable for them, while endomorphs need a low-carb protein or isolate.
However, there are general recommendations for everyone: sleep at least 8 hours a day, eat vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish, eggs, chicken, meat, cottage cheese. Try not to consume or limit the consumption of pastries, sweets, beer, and soda. Do not eat overnight; eat 4-5 times a day, but in small portions. Use sports nutrition, vitamins, protein, and creatine. They will help you achieve your desired goals much faster. However, it makes no sense for beginners to start using sports food immediately. Allow your body to get involved in the training process using its own resources.

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