Workout plans collected on web gym are designed for 7-9 months of the training cycle. Some of the programs can be used selectively, but for beginners it will be better not to disrupt the sequence, since they are interconnected, and each program is part of a complex. Different exercises, their sequence and the number of repetitions - all this avoids stagnation, when muscles get used to the same training type and stop responding to training.
The training complex is universal, either ectomorphs (people of asthenic physique with muscle-building problems) or mesomorphs (people of athletic physique prone to muscle building) or endomorphs (people with low metabolism and, as a result, overweight) can use it. The only difference is that endomorphs need to minimize fast carbs consumption and add cardio training on rest days, and ectomorphs, on the contrary, should avoid physical activity on rest days and be sure to use sports nutrition (details on the Routine and Nutrition page).
Why is the web gym complex universal for people with any body type? In bodybuilding, there are two ways to gain muscles. The first, when an athlete bulks up for several months, and then cuts, and the second, when bulk training alternates with functional training. Our complex is based on the second method, which does not allow the body to stagnate in long "lazy" trainings and forms resilient functional muscles. In addition, the athlete loses not only fat and water during cuts, but also muscles, which makes this training unproductive.
To be fair, the second method has its own disadvantages. The Achilles heel of the stress complex is overtraining, so if you began to feel unwell – take a couple of days off. Your results will not escape from you. Do not hurry; there are no identical people, situations and opportunities. Some, for example, have inconvenient work schedule, and it is okay to miss a workout sometimes. You will get back to it, when you have a chance. The most important thing is regularity.
Speaking of variability. You always have a choice. For example, if you think that you do not gain enough muscles, extend the bulk training for a while. On the contrary, if you think that you need to improve the functionality and quality of your muscles, add a week of such training. However, it is better not to change anything, since web gym is a perfectly balanced training complex!